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We’re a family-owned business focused on freshness, quality and flavor. Enjoy the pride of our family tree: flavored pecans, pecan oil, cookies and other Cullen-ary delights made from our home-grown, freshly-harvested pecans.

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This light and nutty premium oil is freshly made from our highest quality Tifton-grown, freshly-harvested pecans. Cold-pressed and unrefined, it’s an excellent, healthful choice for cooking, baking, drizzling and dipping.  Why make the switch to pecan oil? High smoke point (470°) Low in saturated fats (8.5%) Loaded with heart-healthy Omega-3,...
Our Cullen Pecan Gift Box includes: One bottle of Pecan Oil, One Special Herb Blend, One pack of Raw Pecans (1lb), One pack of Honey Cayenne Pecans (4oz), One pack of Cinnamon Sugar Pecans (4oz), and One pack of Himalayan Salted Pecans (40z).